Christmas Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in dozens of countries around the world, and everyone is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. However, celebrations vary in different countries.

You can witness traditional Christmas decorations and join the festivities even in countries where Christianity is not the main religion.

Typically, Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December, however, there are a few countries where the celebration begins earlier and is celebrated over a longer period of time. In this article, we take a quick trip around the world to see how Christmas is spent in Australia, Canada, UK and the USA. 

Christmas in Australia

Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere meaning Christmas comes towards the beginning of their summer holidays. There’s no chance of snow on Christmas Day!

In Australia, it is common for families to go camping or spend Christmas at the beach with a BBQ and lots of beer.  Children have their summer breaks from mid-December to early February. Typically, Australians hang wreaths on their front doors for Christmas and go out to Churches on the eve of Christmas to sing carols — just like in most western countries. They also decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree.

Christmas in Canada

There are many different cultural backgrounds of people living in Canada therefore there are lots of different traditions followed in this country. On the Eastern side of Canada, the Nova Scotia is the very province known worldwide for its fir and pine Christmas trees. Canadian follows the tradition to send their biggest and best fir tree to Boston, USA because of their utmost assistance provided at the Halifax Explosion. Bostonians place this Christmas tree in the city and light it during the Christmas season.

Christmas in UK

In the Great Britain the Christmas is traditionally celebrated with the families and members of each family flock together to decorate the Christmas tree. The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in England has been brought by the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert who was a German. He thought that it will be a good way to bring together the families and thus introduce this tradition.

Christmas in USA

The USA follows many different traditions because this country is known for its multi-cultural nature. Although, the traditional meal for Western European families is ham or turkey with cranberry sauce, but the Eastern Europeans favor turkey with trimmings, soups and cabbage dishes. People in America typically enjoy decorating their house from outside with lights, Snowmen, Reindeer and statues of Santa Claus. It is a custom to leave a glass of milk and some cookies as a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Christmas is a great occasion which brings family and friends together. Although there are different customs followed by each country, but the essence of this event remains same.

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