The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2016

christmas gifts ideas for men

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for men? Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, brother or dad… we’ve spent days crawling the internet for the coolest, funniest, most amazing gifts for men for 2016 so you don’t have to!

Whether you want to drop a hint to get them cooking more, or want to impress them with the latest technology, there’s something to suit every taste! Have any other awesome ideas?! Share them in the comments below the post 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Butt/Face Soap ($6.50)butt face soap

Make it clear that you have boundaries! There are soaps for your face, and soaps for your butt — and there will be no more excuses with this hilarious Butt/Face Soap stocking filler gift.

2. A 3D Printer ($99-4000)

christmas Gifts boyfriend

3D printers are pretty much the ultimate Christmas tech gift for 2016. While your boyfriend probably won’t be able to build you a new house or car anytime soon, these portable, mini laser printers can create some pretty awesome stuff. They vary in price, with the laser printer in the picture above costing $1,485. Shop here.

3. Paladone Tetris Lamp ($24.09)

paladone tetris lamp

Men might not be too interested when you discuss home furnishings with them, but their eyes will probably light up if you gift them with this awesome Tetris lamp! So much fun.

4. Orbitkey ($39.95)

Orbitkey for men

For a practical yet stylish gift for your other half, grab one of these sleek and sexy Orbitkeys. Made from soft, luxurious leather it keeps his keys neatly in one spot (we know guys hate having stuff in their pockets!). You can also get a bottle-opener add-on to make it extra handy.

5. EcoSphere Aquatic System ($60.99)

ecosphere fish tank

This gift is like sea monkeys on steroids! Bring back his favorite childhood memories with this EcoSphere Aquatic System, complete with live shrimp. It’s also pretty enough for you to want to keep it on the coffee table!

6. Mini Cube Projector ($280)

cube mini projector

This super cute RIF6 2-inch Cube mobile projector is the same size as your smartphone! Your boyfriend will love taking it round to his mates’ houses and being able to play YouTube videos, Netflix and more directly from his phone and laptop onto the wall for a cool 120-inch cinematic experience.

7. Make your own Hot Sauce Kit ($34.95)

make your own hot sauce

Men love hot sauce, and there is nothing more satisfying than creating your own! This easy-to-use kit is the perfect gift for your hot sauce loving boyfriend. You never know, it might encourage him to be more active in the kitchen…

8. Craft Beer Club — A Year of Beer ($39 p/m)

craft beer club

This is the gift that keeps on giving! The Craft Beer Club will deliver your boyfriend 12 different beers every month from some of the best independent breweries in the USA. There’s no doubt you’ll be in his good books for quite a while if you get him this! You can choose from monthly, every-other-month or quarterly to suit your budget.

9. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses ($24.95)

Himalayan salt tequila glasses

A couple of years ago, Oprah declared these Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses one of her favorite items of the year — so you know it must be good! If your boyfriend loves a shot of tequila, then this is the perfect gift… and with a set of 4, you can join in the fun, too!

10. Kona Coffee Gift Pack ($10-99)

kona coffee gift

Is your man a complete mess before he’s had his morning coffee?! Spoil him with some of the world’s best coffee, from our lovely friends in Hawaii. Grab this Kona coffee giftpack for $99 or buy a couple of small bags as stocking fillers.

11. Razor Pit Sharpener

Razor Pit Sharpener

If your boyfriend loves a clean shave, then this super chic and practical accessory is the perfect gift idea. The Razor Pit sharpens and cleans his razor to ensure a smooth shave every time (so we benefit, too!), it also extends the lift of the razor.

12. Forrest and Harold Watch ($395)

forrest harold mens gift watch

Every man needs a good watch! Whether he already has one or not, he can never have too many, right?! This amazingly on-trend Bradley Element watch is from Forrest and Harold — and they have lots of other designs too that I just love. Your man will never have an excuse to be late again!

13. Funky Ties from Jack Franklin

ties for men

Does your man have to wear a tie every day? If so, help him to style-up his tie-drobe (it’s a thing!) with some funky new ties. Jack Franklin has a great range of ties in loads of different colors and styles at very reasonable prices — so grab a few!

14. Perplexus 3D Maze Game ($19.19)


This might look like it’s a kids’ toy, but don’t be fooled — it is one of the most addictively satisfying games out there! The best-selling Perplexus 3D Maze Game comes in several colors and is guaranteed to keep your partner entertained for hours.

15. Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair ($599.99)

full body massage chair

This might be a bit of a splurge, but imagine the look on his face when he opens this beauty up?! The best thing about this Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair? You can use it too! Worth every penny if you ask me. Also, at the time of writing, this chair was 70% off on Amazon, so you may actually get a bargain!!

16. Meat Shredder Claws ($7.59)

meat shredder claws

Grrrrrr!!!! Men love meat, and these Meat Shredder Claws are the perfect manly meat accessory! Let him create you amazing pulled pork meals while you sit back and relax. You can also use them to toss salad, but let’s be honest… that’s not as fun!

17. Mini Beer Pong

mini beer pong

Let him relive his college days (or maybe he’s still at college!) with this portable Mini Beer Pong table. I’m pretty sure this would get a lot of use over the Christmas/New Years period! Fun fun fun.

18. CUBE Key Finder ($25)

cube key finder

I swear it wasn’t long ago that we were thinking, ‘if only someone could invent something to stop me losing my keys!’. Well, ladies, that time has arrived. The CUBE Key Finder is powered by an app on your phone and you can attach it to your keychain (or even to your wallet) so you can track your keys wherever they end up (for me it’s usually under the couch!).


19. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Photo Printer


Ok, so this one is pretty damn awesome! In fact, you may want to keep this one for yourself. Using WiFi, the Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Photo Printer allows you to print photos directly from your smartphone. Just imagine the fun the two of you will have taking romantic pictures of each other under the mistletoe 😉

20. SolarPuff Collapsible Light ($34.50)

solarpuff light - gifts for men

For the man who loves the great outdoors, the SolarPuff Collapsible Light from the Museum of Modern Art is the perfect gift. Powered by the sun and incredibly light and portable, it offers up to 12 hours of continuous light. He’ll thank you when he gets back from his next camping trip!

21. GoPro HERO Silver

go pro hero silver

If you haven’t heard of the GoPro, then where have you been?! It’s been the must-have gadget for men (and women!) around the world, and the company has just bought out its latest version — the GoPro HERO Silver. Every man would be happy to get one of these under the tree this Christmas.


22. Yeti Rambler Tumbler ($25)

yeti rambler tumbler

This scientifically-advanced stainless steel portable tumbler from Yeti will keep your man’s drinks hot or cold for hours. It has been selling like hotcakes throughout 2016, and is sure to be on many men’s Christmas wish lists! Sometimes the most practical gifts are the best-loved 🙂

23. Craft Beer Cap Map ($34-129)

beer cap map

The perfect addition to any man cave, this Craft Beer Cap Map comes in a variety of sizes and is a great way for him keep track of his drinking activities. Perhaps he enjoys trying beers from around the country? Just stick the cap on the right location on the map afterwards and he’ll never forget where his beers came from!

24. App Controlled Garage Door Opener ($134)

wireless garage door opener

Give them a gadget and they’ll be happy for hours!! Now, your boyfriend can even control the garage door with his phone. This App-Controlled Garage Door Opener not only allows you to open and close the garage door from wherever you are, but it can send you alerts whenever the door opens, making it a security device, too.

25. Donut Warming Coffee Mug ($11.95)

donut warming coffee mug

What a great way to start the day! Nothing better than a hot coffee with a warm donut — and now, you can have both with the Donut Warming Coffee Mug. Woohoo 🙂

26. Wobble Chess Set ($249)

wobble chess set

Every distinguished gentleman needs to own a good chess set! And your man shouldn’t set for anything less than this uber-modern and slightly trippy Wobble Chess Set. If you thought chess couldn’t get more complex, think again.

27. Glow in the Dark Mini Golf ($59.95)

glow in the dark mini golf

Now, this looks like fun! This Glow in the Dark Mini Golf set is sure to bring about hours of late-night entertainment. Play it in the house or take it outdoors for some after hours fun.

28. Moonshine Still ($180)

moonshine still

What a contraption!! I think secretly everyone wants to create their own moonshine, just like in the olden days. Now, you can let your man’s dream become a reality with his own Moonshine Still (it can also be used to make wine, whiskey and other things, too).

29. The Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet ($32.99)

gifts for men - paracord survival bracelet

The ultimate gift for anyone who likes to head into the outdoors. It’s unbelievable what fits inside this Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet… including a compass, knife, fire starters, safety pins and more. It looks pretty rugged on, too, and you can choose from a range of colors and add-ons.

30. Bacon Gift Box ($18)

bacon gift box

Give the gift of bacon this Christmas! Ahhh, who doesn’t love bacon?! (Sorry, vegetarians!). This gift of bacon is, quite frankly, genius. I might even get it for myself.

31. Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($31.99)

breakfast sandwich machine

This may be slightly gimmicky, but just look at it! This has ‘perfect Christmas gift’ written all over it. Perfect if you or your man go on trips to the beach or camping… the Hamilton Breakfast Sandwich Maker ensures you don’t have to go without your favorite breakfast meal.

32. Jack Spades Leather Laptop Case ($119)

leather laptop case

He’ll be the envy of all his colleagues with this super-trendy leather laptop case from Jack Spades. Made from soft, perforated leather with stunning gold detailing, he’ll look so refined you’ll hardly recognize him.

33. Robotic Lawn Mower ($999)

gifts for men - robotic lawn mower

Now this is a manly gift if ever I did see one! Perhaps your loved one loves mowing the lawn, but chances are it’s one of his dreaded chores. If that’s the case, this Robotic Lawn Mower could be the answer to his prayers. I may be a bit pricey, but think of all the hours he could save to spend on cuddles with you?! Well, that or watching sport…

34. Portable Artisan Pizza Oven ($292)

gifts for men - portable pizza oven

Pizza on the go, what more could he want?! Set this beauty up out on your patio, take it to the park or take it on a romantic weekend away. Forget Domino’s, you’ll be creating your own pizza masterpieces in no-time with this Portable Pizza Oven!

35. The Dino Pet ($69.94)

dino pet

It’s hard to believe it, but this dinosaur-shaped aquarium is fill of millions of living plankton! This is what the creators have to say about it: The Dino Pet is a living, interactive ‘pet’ that photosynthesizes during the day and glows brilliantly when you play with it at night. The alluring blue glow emitted by the Dino Pet is bioluminescence, made from microscopic sea life called dinoflagellates. By using sunlight, water and nutrients, instead of batteries or electricity, the Dino Pet allows you to hold one of

By using sunlight, water and nutrients, instead of batteries or electricity, the Dino Pet allows you to hold one of nature’s most magical occurrences in the palm of your hand. Far more than a toy, the Dino Pet is a contemporary living art piece, introductory pet, biological magic trick, conversation starter and science lesson that instills a sense of wonder in people of all ages. So there you go, pretty awesome, hey?!

36. VW Campervan Tent ($399)

VW Campervan tent

Take your camping trips to the next level with this uber retro VW Campervan Tent! Your man will be the envy of all his friends — although, there’s plenty of space for all of them in this thing.

37. Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray ($14.99)

poo pourri toilet spray

This has to be one of the funniest yet most practical gifts out there! We’ve all laughed at the hilarious Poo-Pourri ads, and now you can get your hands on some of the stuff. But let’s be honest, this gift is more for your benefit…

38. Lightpack – Ambient Backlight System ($178)

light pack ambient light system

Now this is a gadget and a half! Although the Ambient Backlight System has been designed to minimise eye stress, it’s really just an awesomely cool way to pimp up your television! Basically, it creates an aura of colors that are similar to those that are coming out of the television and projects them onto the surrounding area. Cool!

39. TrailKeg Portable Beer Keg ($135)

portable beer keg

What man doesn’t want his own portable beer keg?! This one from TrailKeg is suitable for camping or for trips round friends’ houses — anywhere where you want a frothy beer on tap (literally!).

Prices correct at the time of publishing.

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