Gift Ideas for Writers and Wordsmiths

Forget boring dictionaries and plain old notebooks, you can do better than that! If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the wordsmith in your family — whether they’re a budding writer, accomplished author or simply love showing off their huge vocabularies, then look no further.

Gift ideas for Writers

We have compiled the top thoughtful and inspiring Christmas gifts for writers that will appease even the wordiest of word lovers. Got some more? Share them in the comments below!

Baby got Book

baby got books

Trendy AND nerdy at the same time — love it! This adorable tote bag is perfect for carrying around your latest book purchases or perhaps even your own novel. Check it out on ModCloth ($19.99).

Kate Spade Pencil Set

kate spade pencil setKate Spade has a great range of beautiful writing supplies, including this adorable pencil set ($20). Love!


Waterproof Notepad

aqua notes waterproof notepadThis is genius! Your best ideas can come to you at the most inconvenient time — including when you’re in the shower. But worry no more, now you can jot down your words of wisdom and get clean at the same time with Aqua Notes ($8.90).


Pencil Bracelet

pencil braceletYou don’t need to be a writer to love this adorable pencil bracelet (Currently on sale for $12.99)! Bonus points if it actually writes (I don’t think it does, though…)


Note Pad Candle

note candle

For the homebody writer — a candle that you can write on! Although I’m not sure anyone will be writing their next novel on it, it sure is a cute addition to any writer’s office or home 🙂 ($24 from Anthropologie).



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